The First LGBT+ Network in Bhutan

Founded towards the end of December 2015, initially it was called the ‘LGBT+ community in Bhutan’ to represent our community to address the various needs of the LGBT+ population living in Bhutan. With changing times and the evolving dynamics of intervention to its members the community strongly felt the need for something that was inclusive of all groups with diversified services. These needs were recognized through various consultations within the community and our various partners in Bhutan.

Then in 2017, the community was renamed to Rainbow Bhutan . Rainbow Bhutan now functions as an independent LGBT+ network in Bhutan with our own Secretariat Office and a management team.

Vision Statement:
“Celebrating Diversity” in Bhutan

Mission Statement:

  • Build a unified network of people that stimulates minds and empowers community competence.
  • Create a supportive environment where individuals with diverse gender & sexuality are acknowledged by families, friends and communities alike.
  • Enable a legal and social conduct of speech, advocacy, information and learning on SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression) issues.
  • Enhance access to health care services and education irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity & expression.
  • Be part of our nation building and contribute towards Gross National Happiness.

Statistical Updates