Rainbow Bhutan is governed and looked after by the Board, Secretariat and Welfare Board. Three of which makes up the Core Working Group or the CWG. The three bodies which makes up the CWG is guided it’s own guidelines and parameters of functioning, and the people in the position of each bodies have it’s own defined job description and specifications. While the Board and the Secretariat works closely with each other, the Welfare Board works independently.

The Board

The Board is responsible for monitoring the activities and functioning of Secretariat. The Board comprises of 5 members, the Chair, Secretary and other 3 members, who are elected by the members of Rainbow Bhutan. It is also mandatory for the Board to have minimum of 5 members for it’s establishment.

The Secretariat

Secretariat is made up of 5 members, the Director, 2 Joint Director (Programme and Community Relations), 1 Deputy Joint Director Programme, and 1 Head of IT and Technical Team. The Secretariat is responsible for implementation of grants and Rainbow Bhutan’s activity and to fulfill the daily duties of Rainbow Bhutan.

Welfare Board

The Welfare Board is an independent body that functions under the care of President and the Treasurer. It’s main function is to carry out membership registration and to deliver welfare package to both paying and non-paying members according to their guidelines. Its is also responsible for collection of membership fees and to maintain all the records. The welfare Board also consist of 2 independent auditor who monitors the accounts of Welfare Board.

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